DBS Processing fees reduced

DBS Processing fees reduced

Some very good and perhaps unexpected news coming out of the DBS this past week.

As of Tuesday 1st October, the DBS will be reducing the cost of a Disclosure Check – yes, you read that right – reducing.

  • An Enhanced Level check will be reduced from £44 to £40.
  • A Standard Level check will be reduced from £26 to £23.
  • A Basic Level check will be reduced from £25 to £23.

So, all applications created from the 1st October will be charged at the above reduced rates.

So, a little bit of a saving… do you want to save more?

If you’re not already using eSafeguarding you might not be aware of the many ways in which we can improve your DBS process.


The eSafeguarding service significantly reduces processing times. Enhanced Disclosures can come back within 24 hours, and on average 4 out of 5 of our applications are completed within three days.


We offer a range of administrative, payment, reporting, integration and customisation options, and we will work with you to implement anything else needed.

Cost Effective

Our efficient system takes away the administrative burden of DBS processing, freeing up essential resources and saving you money over other providers.


There are no worries about missing post or delays. Information is sent instantly through our secure web interface.

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