New stricter DBS application error amendment rules – what does this mean for you?

If the pressure of filling out DBS forms and applications wasn’t enough, the DBS have announced that from 1st August there will be stricter rules around amendments, specifically regarding ‘Workforce’ selection and address omissions.

Currently, the DBS will amend or chase for further details on these elements but from the 1st, application will be cancelled but still charged! Eeeek! Headache!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) we are only human, and we make mistakes – but when mistakes cost and cause delays in getting checks back it can be a major issue – especially when you are dealing with high volumes of applications.

So how can we avoid making these mistakes?

Well, you can’t, that’s the nature of mistakes – but at eSafeguarding we offer data validation checks as standard – and our advisers have always been trained to look for potential errors – it’s second nature to them – reducing the risk of application cancelations. So, you can rest easy knowing your application will go through just fine.

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Karen Ranson – eSafeguarding Commercial Manager